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Our Associates

From New York to California

Our Associates

Our hand-picked associates are specialists in their fields. They provide bespoke support, where you need it most. The great advantage of the Directors’ cumulative experience is that they have had the time, privilege and opportunity to work with a large number of outstanding colleagues whose tried and tested methodology they can recommend. The team brings authoritative and accredited expertise in:

  • Safeguarding

  • Early Years

  • Primary

  • Secondary

  • University

  • Academies/MATs/CATs

  • International

  • Tertiary

  • Coaching

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Leadership

  • Behaviour

  • Assessment

  • Quality Assurance

  • SEND

  • HR

  • IT

  • Appointments

  • Recruitment

  • Governance

  • Ofsted

  • Parents

  • Buildings

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Women are underepresented in leadership.

We are signed up....are you?

Thank you so much for your feedback. Your support over the last few weeks has been much appreciated. You have helped me to improve my teaching and delivery, ‘praise and raise’ is something I will put into every lesson, the students love it.....who wouldn’t? To be told you’re feel the competitive as they all aim for it!  My aim each lesson is to hand the responsibility to the students....they DO rise to the challenge....and they are far more capable than I ever imagined. My end goal has changed....they will now aim for the stars and beyond because they can. Once again, I am eternally grateful for bringing out the best in me.
Emma Lilley, Head of Year, Sacred Heart Voluntary Catholic Academy


Hackney Empire.

We are delighted to advise on the development of community involvement of this historic and important community resource.


Tuffin Ferriby and Taylor.

Our excellent estates associates.


Angie Franklin.

CEO Chameleon Communications presenting at our Summer Forum.