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The Yearwood Group

The Yearwood Group is a network for colleagues who aspire to provide and share world-class educational experiences with one another and thus help to improve schools.

Membership gives you access to an extensive support network. You can access the latest research based practice, find out about job opportunities at home and abroad and look for information about ancillary services. The Group includes teachers, leaders, parents, governors, students, our approved associates and educational advisors. They are all specialists in their fields who will share best practice and advice to support members.

What is it?
The Yearwood Group is a network for teachers, leaders and those with an interest in education.

Why should I join?
Membership gives you an extensive network. You can interact with our education community.

Who are the members?
Our approved associates take the lead but everyone who is accepted can join. We welcome teachers, leaders, parents, governors, students, educational advisors and those interested in improving educational provision.

What is the content?
All things educational.

How do we connect with each other?
Apply at the Yearwood Education Linkedin page (search 'Yearwood Education') and then join us online, or face to face, at conferences and meetings.

‘Thanks again for all your support since February. This has been the most helpful and productive period of my teaching career in terms of the progress I have made in my own personal development. I am so grateful.’
Jill Maddren, Head of MFL, Huntcliff School June 2016


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