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Yearwood International

Our international network is extensive. We are actively supporting schools at home and abroad and regularly attend international conferences and networking events.


  • Provide recruitment solutions
  • Undertake school feasibility studies
  • Deliver our outstanding and sustainable school improvement services
  • Deploy our expert associate team to provide niche and bespoke assistance
  • Provide a global support network - The Yearwood Group
  • Use the expertise of our British based associates from International schools
  • Call upon our associates from abroad to provide support to international schools

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'I received absolutely fantastic interview and career coaching from the Directors.  Their combined experience allows them to cover the breadth of state, private, international and faith education.  They were thorough in their support and very well connected for any sort of required consulting.'
Darren Barker, Head of House, Harrow Hong Kong

The lesson observations were superb and provided invaluable feedback. Tony’s rigorous questioning and keen eye for detail ensured that a great deal was accomplished in a short period of time. However, it was his ability to encourage effective self-reflection and work with me to find new, student focused approaches that was so impressive. I especially valued his expertise in looking at ways of turning the ‘good to great’, making effective practice even better. The coaching provided was extremely useful: challenging but never intimidating.’
Jon Newton, Head of House, Eton College



Jonathan Price.

Our international recruitment associate.



Our visit to the London Academy, Casablanca.



COBIS World IB Conference, 2018.